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Solid Plumbing & Drains offers residential & commercial plumbing services that customers can rely on day or night for any plumbing services in San Diego county.

We understand the importance of providing exceptional plumbing services in both residential and commercial settings. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction has led us to excel in both segments.

Backflow prevention

We offer backflow prevention services to protect local water quality by installing and maintaining devices that prevent the reverse flow of contaminated water into the clean water supply, ensuring safe and compliant plumbing systems.

Gas leak detection & repair

Our plumbing company in San Diego provides expert Gas leak detection and repair services to swiftly identify and address gas leaks, ensuring safety, preventing hazards, and restoring peace of mind for homeowners and businesses.

Slab leak detection & repair

We offer comprehensive Slab leak detection and repair services, using advanced technology to pinpoint hidden water leaks within concrete slabs, swiftly resolving issues to prevent structural damage and water waste for residential and commercial properties.

Water pressure regulation

Our water pressure regulation service ensures optimal water pressure in your plumbing system. We install and maintain pressure regulators to prevent damage and conserve water, providing a reliable and balanced water flow for residential and commercial properties.

Kitchen plumbing

Our kitchen plumbing service covers everything from faucet repairs and sink installations to garbage disposal maintenance. We ensure your kitchen functions smoothly by addressing plumbing issues promptly, enhancing convenience and efficiency in your culinary space.

Bathroom plumbing

Our bathroom plumbing service offers comprehensive solutions, including toilet repairs, shower installations, and drain cleaning. We ensure a functional and hygienic bathroom, addressing plumbing issues to enhance comfort and convenience in your home or business washroom.

Grease traps

Our grease traps service specializes in the installation, cleaning, and maintenance of grease traps for commercial kitchens. We help prevent grease buildup in plumbing systems, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and efficient kitchen operations.

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At Solid Plumbing & Drains, Inc, we encourage home and business owners to do preventive maintenance on their plumbing to help save time and money.

Emergency plumbing

Our emergency plumbing service provides 24/7 rapid response to plumbing crises. We promptly address burst pipes, sewage backups, and other urgent issues, preventing further damage and ensuring your home or business remains safe and functional during emergencies.

Sump pumps

Our sump pump service offers installation and maintenance of sump pump systems. We protect your property from water damage by efficiently managing excess groundwater, ensuring a dry and secure basement or crawlspace, even during heavy rainfall or flooding.

Repipe & pipelining

Our Repipe & Pipelining service involves replacing old or damaged pipes with modern, durable materials. We minimize disruption, improve water quality, and enhance plumbing system longevity, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Water heaters

Our water heaters service encompasses installation, repair, and maintenance of water heating systems. We ensure a reliable and energy-efficient hot water supply, addressing issues promptly and optimizing performance for residential and commercial properties.

Tankless Water Heaters

Our tankless water heaters service specializes in the installation and maintenance of on-demand water heating systems. We provide energy-efficient solutions that deliver continuous hot water, offering space-saving and cost-effective options for residential and commercial properties.

Water treatment

Our water treatment service enhances water quality by removing impurities like contaminants and minerals. We offer filtration, purification, and softening solutions, ensuring safe and clean water for consumption and everyday use in homes and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shut off the main water supply, and contact our emergency plumbing services immediately for swift assistance.

Yes, our plumbing services in San Diego are available 24/7 to address emergency situations and provide timely solutions.

We recommend scheduling routine drain maintenance at least once a year to prevent clogs and ensure optimal drain performance.

Our commitment to excellence, timely solutions, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We prioritize delivering reliable and high-quality plumbing services.

Plumbing Services San Diego: Addressing Common Concerns

Leak Detection and Repair Dealing with water leaks can be stressful, but our plumbing services in San Diego specialize in swift leak detection and effective repairs. Our expert technicians use advanced tools to identify and fix leaks promptly, preventing potential damage to your property.

Pipe Repairs and Replacements From minor pipe repairs to complete replacements, our services cover the spectrum. We assess the condition of your pipes and recommend cost-effective and durable solutions, ensuring your plumbing system functions optimally.

24h Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether you’re dealing with a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a clogged toilet that won’t wait, Solid Plumbing & Drains is available 24/7 to provide emergency plumbing services. Their team understands that plumbing emergencies can disrupt your life and cause significant inconvenience, so they prioritize prompt response times and efficient resolution to minimize downtime and restore normalcy as quickly as possible.

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